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About Us

We are Bunu Bunu Culture & Sporting Co., Ltd. an elite sports and culture promotion company with track records of deep involvement in series of highly successful international and local sports, culture, and tourism promotional projects.

Our core focuses are: Management and Supply of Sporting goods and facilities, Sports and general tourism promotion, athlete representation, grassroots & professional sports promotions, capacity-building programs etc.

We are curators of the famous Red Card to Deaths on the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara – a grassroots sports-driven anti illegal migration campaign – We are also the initiators of the iconic “NB4M” – No be For Mouth grassroots football program and “Skillz Valid than Visa” another grassroots music-driven anti illegal migration campaign.

At Bunu Bunu we keep to the expediency of personalized solutions to each project, making sure all assignments are uniquely carved and professionally managed – no project is too small and no challenge too huge.

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