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No Be for Mouth

NB4M “no be for mouth” is a grassroots football development program scheduled to commence by January 2020 but has been stalled and seriously challenged by the covid-19 pandemic. The key slogan of this grassroots football clinic, a thorough talent scout and grooming football project is - “I sabi play football no be for mouth, abeg come play am make we see”. Our plan was to set up football clinics at different regions of Nigeria and coordinate all via digital solutions, then employ well accredited coaches who are to work under a chief coach towards selecting best legs and prepare them for yearly summer youth football festivals in Europe and other top global football destinations.
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Nigeria as well as many developing countries is suffering from acute socio economic problems that have forced off these countries’ citizens into all manner of anti-social and extreme decisions to make economic end. There are recent socio-economic turns which enhances the prevalence of armed robbery,kidnapping, prostitution, cyber crime, gang violence, cultism, and human trafficking. Sadly, in recent time, human trafficking has taken over the global discourse which culminated in the recent investigative report of migrants sold as slaves in Libya. The report exposed the exploitation and sufferings of desperate African youths looking for better life in Europe and finally falling victims to human trafficking syndicates, and in most cases perish in the hot desert or drawn in the Mediterranean Sea. Human trafficking is the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them.

Smuggling of migrants usually involves the procurement of venerable persons for financial or other material benefit by facilitating illegal entry of such migrants into a State of which they are not national or resident.

Virtually every country in the world is affected by this crime. The challenge for all countries, rich and poor, is to keep devising social and economic initiatives capable of preventing their young people from taking to extreme measures where criminals who exploit desperate people could take advantage of them, activities that would offer protective education to the uninformed and as those destined to become fresh victims of human trafficking syndicates. One of our means of discouraging this scourge is “Step Up!'' initiative – a guidance, counseling, and empowerment fun-campaign designed for youths and being promoted by Bunu Bunu Culture and Sporting Company Limited. The concept is aimed at preventing the youths from resorting to illegal and extreme decisions by creation o f s t r e e t a n d g r a s s r o o t s t a l e n t development opportunities for the restless youths to leverage on.

Bunu Bunu Security App

BBA Bunu Bunu App: is a digital solution designed to guarantee effective control of road transport operations in any State, region or country. It centers on well enhanced data management for monitoring, accurate planning and control of transport operators and related activities via digital solutions coordinated by a sever stored data to be processed via a special app. BBA is designed to further expand and accommodate a digital taxi call app, rendering seamless digital communication between urban taxi operators and the commuters for a smooth urban taxi transport services.
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